Tightvac Review

Overall score: 4.9/5
4.8 stars

Tightvac containers are well-known to keep dry goods fresh.

You may be wondering:

“Are they good for weed storage?”

Yes! They are perfect for bringing weed to parties or even to store a large amount of cannabis in the closet, and the smell under control!

Tightvac quick overview

Vacs are made of durable, food-grade plastic. They have a patented vacuum seal system that helps to keep dry goods up to 3x longer.

If portability is a key feature for you, the most suitable sizes are; TV0, TV1, TV2, and TV3.

Tightvac Small Sizes

For long-term storage, the appropriate formats are; TV4, TV5, TV6, and TV7.

How to use Tightvac containers

Simply press the button and remove the cap to access the content. To replace the cap, you have to align it and press the button. This is the easiest open & close system in the market.

Moisture control

I use Tightvac for long-term cannabis storage as well and I include a Boveda 62% to maintain a predetermined level of relative humidity.


I use two Boveda 62% inside the TV4 and one for the TV2.

Smell control

Cannabis strains I’ve grown in an AeroGarden (and stored in Tightvac) has never leaked any odor. However, the stinkiest strains can still smell a bit because of the 2-way valve that allows gas build up to escape the container.

The company suggests adding the stinky medical herbs in a sealable plastic bag inside the Vac. This is all it takes.

Keep the overlapping surfaces from the cap and body clean to avoid air leaks.


Whether you’re looking for a small container to keep your weed fresh or a long-term storage solution, Tightvacs are among the best containers out there. They claim have sold over 10 million units!

I have started using Vacs more than a year ago and I’m a satisfied user. I use the TV2 and TV4 sizes for both; portability and storage. Compared to Mason jars, they are lighter and convenient to use.

Key takeaway: Tightvac containers help buds retain a better taste and smell. Add a Boveda 62%, and you will be amazed how long your weed stays fresh.


Disclaimer – All opinions expressed here are those of the author based on personal experience using the listed products.

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