Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers on how to grow weed in AeroGarden.

Does a smaller AeroGarden with 20 watt LED panel (Harvest series) can grow weed as well?

The AeroGarden is a small environment to grow weed. So, if you scale down the growth height, the bucket size, and the light intensity, your plant(s) will struggle to grow properly.

At what distance should the LED grow light be at the different stages of growth?

For optimal results, I recommend to set the LED grow light 4 to 6 inches from the canopy at all stages of growth.

Can you suggest a low odor marijuana strain to grow in the AeroGarden?

From my past experiences, Blue Mystic and Blueberry Kush are low odor strains. Of course, in the latest days of the flowering stage, you will notice an odor.

How much yield could I expect with two plants in an AeroGarden?

On average, you can expect 1 Oz per plant. If you’re an experienced grower, you can double the overall yield with training techniques.

How often do I change the water in the AeroGarden?

I change the water with fresh nutrients once a week. Let the tap water sit for 24 hours to become chlorine-free.

How often should I check pH level?

I usually check the pH level at least once a day. The pH tends to go up in the vegetative stage and go down in the flowering stage. If needed, add few drops of the pH control kit provided by General Hydroponics. The ideal pH for marijuana plants is between 5,5 and 6,5.

How do you set the external pump to start and stop?

The external pump is always working! The roots needs oxygens and this pump help to boost root development and keep root rot away.

What are my options if I have to leave for couple days?

AeroGarden has a water system called AeroVoir. This reservoir keeps the water to the desired level, and it holds 1 gallon.

You suggest using only two pods/spots. In the Bounty, that leaves 7 empty spots. Do you recommend growing other vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, in those spots at the same time?

No, I do not recommend growing any other plants while growing weed in the Aerogarden.

In fact, I often recommend growing only one plant at a time because the root system takes a lot of place in the bucket and the nutrients dosage for the weed may be too much for other plants like lettuce.

Do you have any other resources for growing weed in other ways (soil, outdoor, aeroponics, etc).

No, this is the only guide that we have published.